Dunhill Shell Briar 5108 Bent Rhodesian Pipe, made in England 2001

This morning, I’m smoking the Ferrari Testarossa under my pipes. This pipe was my birthday gift of 2015 and was buyed as new, by a friend of mine, Simone, from his shop in Rimini, Italy. I’m very impressed because the sandlast of this Dunhill pipe is very unusual. The pipe is not marked as “Ring Grain”, which you can appreciate here and here. Anyway, made in 2001 as Shell Briar, very unusual.
The first time I smoked this pipe, was in a meeting with other pipe brothers in Hamburg, with some McClelland Christmas Cheer 2014. It was broked with a Virginia de luxe, so, I still smoke this sporty smoking machine only with Virginia. I this case some McClelland Bulk: 2010 – Classic Virginia.

Well, have a look to this pictures to make you an idea how lucky I am. From Berlin with love, p







Antonio Azzinnari Pipe Bullmastiff * Fatta a Mano in Cosenza, Calabria (I)

Visit the post for more.

Source: Antonio Azzinnari Pipe Bullmastiff * Fatta a Mano in Cosenza, Calabria (I)

piece of shit

Good morning friends.

Yesterday, an old sport palast was burning down (http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/inland/berlin-feuer-in-sporthalle-neben-fluechtlingsunterkunft-13770586.html). It was supposed to be refunished and to give hope to some refugees from Syria. Obviously a terror attack from some members of the ‘arian power’.


We will see.

Starting this morning with another easy pipe, a Dunhill group 4 as Pot and Chestnut finish, from 2001. As usual, with McClelland classic virginia. Now.


Never then less, have a good day & mojo to you all over world.

From Berlin with love, p

A wise man

Enjoing a Hirschl & Bendheim corn cob ‘already toasted’ which I get it as gift from an American friend called Edward Blackstock. He is a remarkable connoisseur of corn cob pipes. A wise man. Smokes delicious with the McClelland 2015. Now. Peace and love from Berlin, p


I like the english manufactury, especially for smoking pipes

Let’s start together this endeavour. I’m very happy to discovery, with 2015-01-10 11.43.02you, my limits.

This is my first Ferndown pipe made by John Leslie Wood, England. It has a silver application, also made by him. He was the Silversmith for Dunhill for several year.

Splendid job indeed.

I bought it in 2012, 1st may, for a special day, the working class day. Here, with some oriental blend made with Izmir and stoved Virginia, which I think, the best blend that fits to this smoking mashine.

From Berlin with love, p