Caribbean dinner: Trinidad & Tobaco cuisine

Hello there! This evening we had a dinner in a caribbean restaurant, from Trinidad & Tobago ( A good friend of me, Damian, is come from Port of Spain, the capital of this tiny island. He still lives in Berlin but is moving to Karlsruhe, south of Germany, next week. So, we had a nice dinner together and other friends. For this special moment I choose one of my special pipes, a Dunhill Square Panel, as ODA in Shell from 1960. As aperitif we had a ginger beer with rum.


I ate some hot chicken curry with a lot of pepperoni. But they were so delicious that I tried to smoke them in my ODA, and capstan blue.


As digestif we had some rum, called White Oak. Smooth that didn’t overpower my tounge.


Now, sitting at home, I smoke another speciality, a Kriswill Bernadotte with capstan blue and a dark beer (Berliner Bock).


From Berlin with love, p.

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