Pipe Catalog UPDATE

Dear all, I hope you are fine and enjoy your life wherever you are. Good mojo to you and your families.
I’ve found some time to upload my new acquisitions made in the last four months.
Please have a look on them and appreciate them. Or not. And feel free to contact me for any information about sizes or to request more picture in order to get a better idea about your favorite pipe… and feel free to share those pictures in order to spread the beauty of our smoking world. God bless you. Have a look also on my Facebook presence (https://www.facebook.com/pipesberlin) and like it, or not. I’m also on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/pipesberlin) and on Weibo (http://www.weibo.com/pipesberlin) to complete the needs of every pipe smoker on this planet.

My new pipes are:

have a good time and take care,

beim Kacken.

Die besten Ideen kommen mir beim Kacken

Dunhill Shell Briar 928 Group 6, Smoking Pipe, Made In England 1993

Tonight I’m smoking a huge Dunhill with a deep sandblast, birdeyes on the side and in straight grain in the middle. This machine is now smoked with some Peterson’s Irish Flake. Amazing sweetness with full strenght. Almost a dark flake with 33.3% of Virginia, 33.3% of Burley and 33.3% of dark fired kentucky. Perfect suitable after a good dinner with a red wine. Enjoy your time and think positive. From Berlin with love. P




My Ferrari Testarossa

Hello there! Starting this autumn and greysh morning with something sofisticated. To bring colours to my soul. Together with a strong coffee.

A Dunhill pipe group 5 which has sporty performance, a real smoking mashine, like a Ferrari or Porsche are to the car industry.


I choose for this morning also a speciality: an aged MacBaren Dark Twist from the 70s. Smooth, sweet, sour and pepper are contained in this amazing vintage roll cake.


Well, enjoy your day. Peace and love from Berlin, p

Jesus was born 2015 years ago

Hello there!
This afternoon went to the post office to get my box. The post office is in Berlin-Mitte, near Alexanderplatz, quite under the Berlin TV Tower (german: Fernsehturm, berlinish: Telespargel, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernsehturm_Berlin).

This is what was inside:tmp_13841-IMG_20150827_160540-1329752054

Jesus was born apparentely 2015 years ago.
Now, time to come down having a Dunhill moment, a dresses billiard, huge, perfect to forget the shit around. With some Capstan Blue from 2012 and an espresso coffee. Now.


Peace and love from Berlin, p

piece of shit

Good morning friends.

Yesterday, an old sport palast was burning down (http://www.faz.net/aktuell/politik/inland/berlin-feuer-in-sporthalle-neben-fluechtlingsunterkunft-13770586.html). It was supposed to be refunished and to give hope to some refugees from Syria. Obviously a terror attack from some members of the ‘arian power’.


We will see.

Starting this morning with another easy pipe, a Dunhill group 4 as Pot and Chestnut finish, from 2001. As usual, with McClelland classic virginia. Now.


Never then less, have a good day & mojo to you all over world.

From Berlin with love, p

One of my most precious pipe…


One of my most precious pipe and at the same time, one of my nicest smokers at the Walrus Club Berlin. Smokes at it’s best with english mixtures containing latakia,  like
squadron leader or perfection, both from the house Samuel Gawith. Btw, from 1960. Could be the Sofia Loren under my pipe collection.


Amazing birdeyes on the side. An incredible pipe. Peace and love from Berlin, p