Ropp Cherrywood Maxi 937 Made in France

Source: Ropp Cherrywood Maxi 937 Made in France

Hello sisters and brothers of pipe.

Finally it has arrived. From Saint Genis des Fontaines, Languedoc-Rousillon (a splendid place with superb wines, btw), a long journey behind, after 3 weeks travelling with different logistics, it has arrived to Berlin. Packaged with lot of love, the pipe represent the best of what the homo sapiens have been done on his history: A pipe made in Cherrywood.
The begin of a new era for all pipesmokers in this planet. The founder had a name: Eugène-Léon Ropp (1830-1907). R.i.p. my friend. Long life the Cherrywood.

Viva la France!!!
Viva la Liberté, Égalité et Fratenité!

He was brilliant. And I’m very happy with that.


Peace and love from Berlin for now. P

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